Reservations for the event square

Making a reservation for the Event Square

Mall of Tripla has an excellent setting for organizing events. Little Manhattan, on the 4th floor, is like its role model: a meeting place for people and phenomena, and it is always awake. The Event Square in Little Manhattan serves as a stage for culture, entertainment, events and a variety of pop-ups.

With its impressive room height, the Event Square creates a feeling of outdoor space inside the shopping center, and the space is up to 700m². Performance technique enables organizing concerts, performances, product launches and other big events. The space is open to the public and also allows events to last well long into the evening. This floor can be accessed from all directions and means of transport, from the hotel and the offices, so there is plenty of hustle and bustle in the space around the clock! 

Want to organize an event at Mall of Tripla? Contact us! 

Leasing Manager
Susanna Joki
+358 40 195 7018