Tripla car park has renewed

Triplaparkki park hall is undergoing renovations, making parking even easier. 

Barrier-free parking has been introduced, and payment options have increased.

Tripla parking now implements EuroPark's barrier-free Autopay parking system, which is based on license plate recognition upon entry and exit. Below are all the payment options available if your parking exceeds the one-hour free parking period.

On-site payment

Mobile payment with Autopay Park & Charge app

The easiest way to pay for parking is with the Autopay Park & Charge app. When you register in the app, parking will automatically start and end as you enter and exit the parking facility. There are no additional service fees for using the app, apart from the regular parking rates. Download the app from your app store.

Register online as an Autopay customer

You don't need to download a separate app on your phone; Autopay service also works on a web browser. By registering as an Autopay customer, you can simply enter the parking facility, go about your business, and exit the parking garage. Register online at You can obtain a receipt if needed from your Autopay profile:

Pay at the payment machine

Before leaving the parking area, you can pay for parking at the payment machine using your payment card. There is a 15-minute grace period for exit after payment. The locations of the payment machines can be found on the parking garage's information maps. Next to the payment machine, you will also find the "Find your car" service. Enter your car's license plate number, and your car's location will be displayed on the floor plan of the garage.

Mobile payment with ParkMan or EasyPark app

You can pay for parking using the ParkMan or EasyPark app. Start the mobile payment when you have parked your car in the area. Parking will automatically end as you drive out of the area. Please note the operators' specific terms and service fees. Learn more at or

Post-payment options

Pay online within 48 hours of parking

You can pay for parking without an additional fee using your payment card through the Autopay Park & Charge app or online at The parking fee must be paid within 48 hours of exiting the parking area.

Invoice payment

If parking is not paid through any of the aforementioned methods, a payment reminder will be sent based on the license plate number. (An additional billing fee of €5 will be added to the invoice.)

Julkaistu 21.6.2023