Mall of Tripla House Rules

Welcome to Tripla, the beating heart of Helsinki! Here you will find Mall of Tripla's house rules, which have been created to promote the comfort and safety of customers, personnel and other visitors.


Please respect others by following the rules of appropriate conduct. Avoid making noise and maintain a reasonably low volume in your audio equipment as well. Mall of Tripla is open for everyone and equality is important for us. All forms of discrimination and harassment are strictly prohibited at Tripla.

Getting to Mall of Tripla and parking

Mall of Tripla has plenty of parking space for cars as well as bikes. Please refrain from parking outside the appropriately marked areas. Parking spaces with chargers for electric vehicles are primarily intended for cars that are being charged, but they can also be used for parking by other cars. Parking in disabled spaces is only permitted for holders of disabled parking permits. To ensure the safety of everyone in the area, please observe special caution and maintain a low speed when driving in the parking facilities.

Getting around Mall of Tripla

The way to get around Mall of Tripla is by walking. A tremendous number of people pass through the shopping center every day. For reasons of safety, moving around Mall of Tripla’s indoor areas with bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, electric scooters, hoverboards and other such vehicles and gadgets is prohibited. Routes and corridors must be kept open and accessible at all times.

Use the lifts, escalators and travellators to move between Tripla’s floors. For the sake of safety, please observe the relevant instructions and also ensure the safety of children on lifts, escalators and travellators. Escalators and travellators can only be used in the direction they are moving. Running is not allowed on escalators and travellators. People with dogs must use lifts to move between the shopping center’s floors or carry their pet on escalators and travellators.


Tripla has multiple floors and they are all accessible to people with disabilities. Please refer to the digital signs to find the best accessible route to your destination. You can borrow a wheelchair from the shopping center’s information point to move around Mall of Tripla. You can also find shopping trolleys for wheelchairs on the Food Market floor. Please return these trolleys for the next user. Audio induction loop is available at the shopping center’s information point to make shopping easier for people who are hard of hearing.

Sales and promotional activity in Mall of Tripla’s public spaces

Please note that all kinds of sales activities and the distribution of products, advertisements or information in Mall of Tripla’s public spaces is not allowed without the express approval of the shopping center’s management. This includes the distribution of flyers to customers or their cars as well as the posting of advertising materials in Mall of Tripla’s public spaces. Retail space along Mall of Tripla’s corridors can be leased through the shopping center’s management. Raffles, collecting cash donations and election campaigning in Tripla is always subject to having the appropriate permits as well as the express approval of Mall of Tripla’s management.


Begging is prohibited throughout Mall of Tripla.


Busking is not allowed in Mall of Tripla.


Children are important guests at Mall of Tripla and the Mini-Tripla play area as well as various other activities are designed just for them. Kindly note that our underaged customers are always their guardian’s responsibility and children mustn’t be left without adult supervision.


Dogs are welcome in the public spaces at Mall of Tripla. Dog owners are responsible for keeping dogs on leads and ensuring that they don’t disturb other customers. Don’t leave pets without supervision. Each shop is free to decide whether to allow dogs inside their retail space. Contact the staff of the shop in question to find out what their policy is. Pet owners are responsible for the collection and disposal of their pet’s waste. For your pet’s safety you should never leave your dog in a hot car or allow your dog to stand on a travellator or escalator. Other pets are also allowed, provided that their owner takes responsibility for them in accordance with the aforementioned regulations.

Smoking and intoxicating substances

Smoking is prohibited throughout Mall of Tripla except at the indicated smoking areas. To maintain the cleanliness of the environment, please put cigarette butts safely in the receptacles reserved for them. The use of e-cigarettes is not permitted indoors at Mall of Tripla. The consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances is not allowed in the public spaces at Mall of Tripla.


Luggage storage lockers are available on floors 1 and 4 at the train station. The lockers are operated by card payments.

Lost and found

If you suspect you have lost something at Mall of Tripla, you can enquire about lost and found items at the information point on the 4th floor of the shopping center or by sending an e-mail to 

Keeping tidy and sorting waste

To keep the shopping center comfortable for everyone, we ask everyone who visits Tripla to tidy up after themselves and do their share to keep the public spaces clean and tidy. Please take waste to the appropriate collection containers and sort waste in accordance with the sorting instructions.

Taking pictures

Taking pictures is permitted in Mall of Tripla’s public spaces. Photography that breaches another person’s right to privacy is never permitted.


The safety of everyone at Mall of Tripla is a high priority for us. If you notice anything that affects public safety, please contact the security personnel at Tripla.