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Mall of Tripla has 50 leasable promotional spaces where you will reach the public in the busiest locations! Click the button below to find a suitable space for your promotion or pop up.

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Food Market 1. floor

Food Market on the 1st floor offers busy promotional places, where also the major grocery stores Prisma, Lidl and K-Supermarket are located along with several other services. The best spot in Tripla and the biggest grocery store hub in the Helsinki center area for tastings and grocery promotions!

Nordic Avenue 2. floor

The Nordic Avenue floor has all the Nordic fashion and leisure favourites as well as cafés and restaurants for all tastes.

Downtown 3. floor

Promotional places on the busy and adaptable 3rd floor which has the city's most attractive shopping street! Downtown is a diverse shopping floor, that offers lifestyle, fashion and speciality stores, and offers also taste experiences.

Travel Hub 4. floor

The Pasila railway station and the public transport terminal are located on this floor, so you'll be able to reach both the public transport users and commuters. On the station you´ll find services as well as trendy cafés and restaurants. On this floor there´s also entrances to the Workery offices and Original Sokos Hotel Tripla. The area is flooded with people walking from the station to the shopping center!

Little Manhattan 4. floor: Event Square

Surface area: 700m2

Mall of Tripla has an excellent setting for events. Located on the 4th floor in Little Manhattan, the Event Square serves as a stage for culture, entertainment, events and a variety of pop ups. The railway station hall is also located on the 4th floor of Mall of Tripla, so the square is easily accessible. The space on the Event Square is about 700 m² and a variety of presentation techniques can be arranged in the space. This allows for concerts, performances, product launches and other major events. The space is open to the public and also allows events to take place well into the evening. This floor is accessible from all directions and means of transport, the hotel and the offices.

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