General information on Mall of Tripla

The home of urban culture, Mall of Tripla has been designed just for you. At Tripla, you can find more than 60 cafés and restaurants, domestic and international brands as well as a full range of entertainment and wellness services. It is an unmissable meeting place, where people come to seek new experiences, have fun and spend time. With its 250 shops, Mall of Tripla is the biggest shopping centre in the Nordic countries.

Welcome to the new heart of Helsinki!

Mall of Tripla - address

Mall of Tripla
Fredikanterassi 1
00520 Helsinki, Finland

Shopping center rules

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Mall of Tripla's floors

Take a look at what the different floors have to offer in Shops and services

Floor plans of Mall of Tripla


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Contact information

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Tanja Teeriaho 
+358 50 480 1989

Leasing Manager
Susanna Joki
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Floor information

Mall of Tripla comprises a five-floor shopping centre, a hotel, office premises as well as a five-level car park. Beneath it all is Down Under, a veritable centre of experiences. 

Take a look at what the different floors have to offer in Shops and services.

You can find the floor plans of Mall of Tripla here.

1st floor

Food Market At Food Market, you can find large supermarkets as well as the Restaurant corner indoor food market for small producers. Visit the stalls of small and organic producers to enjoy seasonal delicacies.

2nd floor

Nordic Avenue The latest trends and best of essential clothing are located on the second floor of Mall of Tripla, where shoppers can find both the latest newcomers and established mega brands to cover all their needs. The cafés and restaurants of Nordic Avenue provide every shopper with the chance to take a little break from shopping and enjoy some treats to their liking.

3rd floor

Downtown Located on the third floor, Downtown is the No. 1 shopping street in Helsinki, where European fashion brands and Finnish design come into their own in stylish settings and a carefully thought-out ambience. The restaurants of Downtown are characterised by original concepts and great service. From this floor, you can also access the Finnish Music Hall of Fame.

4th floor

Little Manhattan & railway station
Little Manhattan is bustling with life 24/7. This floor can be accessed from all directions and modes of transport, the hotel as well as the offices. Little Manhattan is just like its namesake: a meeting point of endless streams of people, with a wide range of shops and culinary experiences on offer. The Event Square acts as a stage for culture, entertainment, events and various pop-ups.

5th floor

Soul Streets The 5th floor is a hub of comfort and well-being. Why not visit the gym or enjoy a relaxing treatment? See a film at the Cinamon and then enjoy a glass of wine or dinner. On this floor, you can also find a private health clinic and the Töölö parish.

Level P6

Beneath all this, you can find a veritable centre of experiences where it is always summer, even when it comes to the temperature. Experience indoor surfing or beach volleyball, test the activity park for the whole family or try a ballet class. You can enter Down Under via level P4.