Finland's best location!

900 trains, 850 buses and 400 trams a day. When complete, the new Pasila public transport hub, located in Mall of Tripla, will be the busiest in Finland, with some 200,000 travellers passing through each day. Thanks to the new routes, Mall of Tripla will also be easily accessible by car or bicycle. Tripla has nearly 300 charging stations for electric cars.

In addition to public transport, the new Pasila can be easily navigated on foot or bicycle. Several major regional and national cycling routes pass through Pasila, and Tripla can also be safely accessed via pedestrian and bicycle routes. Tripla will include bicycle parking for 3,400 bicycles. Accessibility has been taken into account already in Tripla's design stage.

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How to get there

It is easy to get to Tripla by public transport. Tram and bus stops are located at the station square on the south side of the railway station. All regional and long-distance trains stop in Pasila. You can reach the airport in approximately 20 minutes and the centre of Helsinki in about 5 minutes. Please refer to the HRT website.

Check your route options and schedules in the Route Guide.

By bicycle: Tripla has 3,400 parking spaces for bicycles. The parking spaces for bicycles also offer charging stations for electric bicycles, a bicycle wash station and tools for small repairs. Tripla also houses the first bicycle hotel in Finland. As a member, you will get access to a service that enables you to store your bicycle securely in the hotel and take a shower. Read more about Tripla's bicycle hotel here (freedom)..

By car: The Tripla car park has 2,300 customer parking spaces on five levels and nearly 300 charging stations for electric cars. The Moovy app makes it easy to pay for parking. It is a good idea to download it onto your phone already before arriving in Tripla. If you do not have Moovy, the car park includes pay points where you can pay for parking with common payment cards before exiting the car park. Car wash services as well as maintenance and vehicle inspections are available on the 3rd level of the Tripla car park. The Tripla car park is accessed by car from Firdonkatu on the north side and from Pasilan Tornikuja on the south side. The lifts leading to the different parts of the car park are different colours to make it easy to find your car. The car park customer service is located on level P1.

Read more about parking here.

By taxi: There is a taxi rank in front of the entrance to the station concourse. .