It is easy to get to Tripla

Mall of Tripla is located in Fredikanterassi 1.

900 trains, 850 buses and 400 trams stop at Tripla each day. It is also easy to get to Tripla by bicycle. There are parking spaces for 3,400 bicycles. For motorists, Tripla has 2,300 customer parking spaces on five levels. The Tripla car park is accessed by car from Firdonkatu on the north side and from Tornikuja on the south side. You can easily pay for parking with the Moovy application. Tripla has nearly 300 charging stations for electric cars.

Arrival to and parking in Mall of Tripla



Parking at Tripla

The heated Tripla car park is open 24/7.

Tripla car park does not use tickets for parking. Number plate scanning automatically starts the parking. The maximum height of the Tripla car park is 230 cm. There are also dedicated parking spaces for motorcycles. The parking works in the same way as for cars as long as the number plate is automatically readable. Otherwise, motorcyclists can contact the Tripla car park customer service using the quick phone at the barrier.

Pay point

If you are not yet a Moovy user, you can pay for parking with a debit or credit card at a pay point after your visit.

To begin the payment, enter your registration number. Upon exit, the barrier will open automatically. If you need a receipt for parking, you can order it by e-mail.

You can find the locations of the pay points on the car park info maps. There is also a "Find your car" service at the pay points. When you enter your car's registration number, you can see your car's location on the car park's floor plan.

Cost of parking 

Customer service point 

Level P1 includes a customer service point, please see opening hours here. The customer service agent is either at the customer service point or in the car park assisting customer. They can also be reached by phone. Each entry and exit lane also includes a quick phone button to call the car park customer service. The customer service phone number is also displayed at the pay points.

Moovy app

The easiest and fastest way to park is by downloading the Moovy app in advance from App Store or Google Play Store.

As a Moovy customer, you can drive straight in and out without stopping at a pay point. The parking fees will be charged later from the payment card you entered on your app.

Moovy does not include a fixed monthly fee. The service charge is €0.49/parking session. Once you have parked 10 times, you will not be charged a parking service fee for the rest of the month.

More information about Moovy:

Disabled parking spaces

The disabled parking spaces are located on level P1 of the Tripla car park. The parking charges work the same way for all customers parking at the Tripla car park.  

Services at Tripla car park

Level 3 of the Tripla car park includes a full-service car wash, where you can also have your vehicle maintained or inspected during your shopping trip.  

Electric car charging points

There are nearly 300 parking spaces with a charging point for electric cars at Tripla. The parking spaces are located on levels P2–P5 of the Tripla car park. You can use the eParking app for charging. Instructions are provided on the charging blocks.  

Click & collect point

Click & collect points for groceries are located on level P1 of the Tripla car park. You have a 15-minute window to collect your purchases from the click & collect point without a parking fee.