Mall of Tripla uses many different solutions to help you to find your way. The signs hanging from Tripla's ceiling help you to navigate around. Each floor also includes a digital info kiosk where you can ask for the shortest route to your destination of choice. Near the lifts, there are floor signs that show what each floor has to offer.  

Top tip!
Mall of Tripla is vertically divided into four different sections. Each section has its own vertical connecting colour that you can follow through the floors. These colours make it easier to find your way in the vast space. In the west end of Tripla, the vertical connecting colour is green, visible in, for example, the lift lobbies, signage as well as the different levels of the Tripla car park. In the central part of Tripla, the colours that guide you are purple and yellow. In the east end, on the other hand, the vertical connecting colour is red.

Customer Service Point

Mall of Tripla's info point is located in Little Manhattan on the 4th floor. The staff of the info point are more than happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding Mall of Tripla.

Child care facilities

At Tripla, the child care facilities are located near the bathrooms on each floor. Located on the 2nd floor, Mini-Tripla is a free playground for children to enjoy.

For families

On the 2nd floor of Mall of Tripla, you can find Mini-Tripla, which is dedicated to families. Mini-Tripla is what its name implies: a miniature shopping centre where children get to pretend that they are running a shop, hotel or bakery. In addition to the play area, Mini-Tripla also includes child care facilities. In addition to Mini-Tripla, you can find child care facilities on all floors of the shopping centre near the bathrooms as well as on level P1.


Accessibility has been taken into account in the design of Mall of Tripla, and you can also move easily between the different levels. Please refer to the digital signs to find the best accessible route to your destination. You can borrow a wheelchair at the shopping centre's info point, and on the 1st floor, you can also find shopping trolleys that you can attach to your wheelchair. There are accessible bathrooms on each floor of the shopping centre as well as level P1 of the Tripla car park. The info point of Mall of Tripla includes an induction loop to assist hearing-impaired customers.


Cash machines

You can find cash machines on floors 1–4 of Mall of Tripla.

1st floor Food Market: the cash machine is located in the east end of Tripla near the lifts and Clas Ohlson.

2nd floor Nordic Avenue: the cash machine is located in the south end of the floor, near the escalator. The nearest shops are Dressmann and Cubus.

3rd floor Downtown: the cash machine is located in the west end close to the Pasilankatu entrance, near Cantico Italia and House.

4rd floor Little Manhattan: The cash machine on this floor is located in the station concourse near the ticket machines and escalator.


On level P3 of the Tripla car park, there is a Triplan Ekopiste recycling point for customers. There, you can recycle glass, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic packaging.


Sokos Hotel Tripla is one of the biggest hotels in Finland. The hotel entrances are located south of Tripla on Fredikanterassi. The hotel lobby can also be accessed from Little Manhattan on the 4th floor of the shopping centre. Sokos Hotel Tripla will open in early 2020.


Mall of Tripla provides free Wi-Fi for the customers. The network name is Mall of Tripla FREE.

Customer toilet

All of the shop floors of Mall of Tripla as well as level P1 of the Tripla car park include bathroom facilities designed according to the theme of that floor.  


The luggage lockers are located on floors 4 and 4 1/2 of the station concourse. The lockers only accept card payments.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located at the info point on the 4th floor of the shopping centre.

Alko off-licence

The Alko off-licence is located in the Food Market on the 1st floor of the shopping centre.