Arrival and parking

Best location in Finland!

The Pasila public transport hub, located in Mall of Tripla, is the busiest in Finland, with some 200,000 travellers passing through each day. It's convenient to visit Mall of Tripla by car or bike and accessibility has been taken into account.

How to get there

Mall of Tripla is easy to reach by public transport, by car as well as by bike.

Tram and bus stops are right in front of Tripla – south to the Pasila railway station. All commuter and long-distance trains also stop in Pasila. From Pasila it takes about 20 minutes by train to the airport and about five minutes to the city center of Helsinki! Taxi poles are located in front of the Pasila railway station.

Cyclist are also welcomed to Mall of Tripla. There are 3 400 parking spaces reserved for bicycles. In the bicycle parks you will find charging points for electric bikes, a place to wash your bike and equipment for small bike maintenance. You can use all bicycle parking spaces free of charge. Additionally there are outdoor bicycle parking spaces on the South side of Tripla, on Pasilansilta and Pasila station.  

In Triplaparkki car park there are 2 300 parking spaces in five floors for cars. There is also almost 300 charging points for electric cars. The parking fee can be paid via Moovy application. If you do not have the Moovy app, there are pay points in the parking garage where you can pay your parking with the most common payment cards before leaving the parking garage. You can drive to Tripla car park from Firdonkatu (North) or from Pasilan Tornikuja (South).

Bicycle parking

Veturitie bicycle park:
Located on 1st floor under Pasila station and open 24/7. Access from outside from Veturitie. 

Tornikuja bicycle park:
Located on the 1st floor in the shopping centre and open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. Entrance from outside in the corner on Tornikuja and Veturitie and from the shopping centre next to JD Sports store on the 3rd floor. There is also an elevator that takes you from the Tornikuja bicycle park to the Pasilansilta bicycle park. 

Pasilansilta bicycle park: 
Located on the 3rd floor in the shopping centre and open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. Access from outside from Pasilansilta next to O'Learys and from inside the shopping centre next to the JD Sports store on the 3rd floor. Here you will find self-service bicycle wash and tools for small bike maintenance. There is also an elevator that takes you from the Pasilansilta bicycle park to the Tornikuja bicycle park.

Bicycle hotel:
The bicycle hotel in located in the Pasilansilta bicycle park. Here you can rent a locked space for your bicycle and the price is € 30,45 /month. The locked space can be accessed with a personal access badge and there are also showers, dressing room and lockable cabinets (own lock required). If you are interested in renting a space, please contact 

Parking at Triplaparkki

The heated Triplaparkki car park is open 24/7. In Tripla car park you park without tickets. License plate scanning automatically starts the parking. The maximum height of the cars parking in Tripla car park is 2,3m. There are also dedicated parking spaces for motorcycles. The parking works the same way as for cars as long as the license plate is automatically readable. Otherwise, motorcyclists can contact the Tripla car park customer service using the quick phone at the barrier.

Cost of parking

1h free parking time at Triplaparkki car park.

Moovy app

The easiest and fastest way to pay your parking is by downloading the Moovy app in advance. As a Moovy customer, you can drive straight in and out without stopping at a pay point. The parking fees will be charged later from the payment card you entered on your app.
Moovy does not include a fixed monthly fee. The service charge is 0,49 €/parking session. Once you have parked 10 times, you will not be charged a parking service fee for the rest of the month.

More information about Moovy

Pay points

If you are not yet a Moovy user, you can pay for parking with a debit or credit card at a pay point after your visit. To begin the payment, enter your license plate number. When exiting Tripla car park, the barrier will open automatically. If you need a receipt for your parking, you can order it by email.
You can find the locations of the pay points on the car park info maps. There is also a "Find your car" service at the pay points. When you enter your car's license plate number, you can see your car's location on the floor plan.

Customer service point

The customer service point is located in P1 floor. The customer service point is open daily Mon-Fri 8am to 9pm, Sat 10am to 8pm and Sun 11am to 7pm. Each entry and exit lane also includes a quick phone to call the car park customer service. The customer service phone number is also displayed at the pay points.
Moovy Customer Service
Phone: +358 3 3878 222

Charging points for electric cars

There is almost 300 charging points for electric cars. The parking spaces are located on P2–P4 floors. You can use the eParking app for charging. Instructions are provided on the charging blocks. The power of public charging points is 22 kW. The charging service fee is charged according to consumption 0,30 €/kWh. In addition to the electricity consumed, a normal parking fee will be charged.

Parking spaces for disabled persons

Parking spaces for disabled persons are located on P1 floor of Triplaparkki car park. The parking charges work the same way for all customers parking at Tripla car park.

Services at Triplaparkki

Full-service car wash, Helsingin Autopesu, is located on the P3 floor of Triplaparkki car park. There you can get maintenance and vehicle inspections for your car during your shopping trip.

Click & collect points for grocery stores are located on the P1 floor of Tripla car park.

The recycling point, Ekopiste, for Tripla's customers is located on the P3 floor of Tripla car park. At the recycling point it is possible to recycle glass, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic packaging free of charge.